South Park JamesI Accept Cookies is the personal site of James Larkin where for some unknown reason he shares his thoughts, ideas and anything else he can think of. During the day / night James works over at Forbairt Media where he tends to do a bit of everything from Graphic Design / Web design / print design to sorting out technical issues for his customers.

His background is in Electronic Engineering having studied in NUI Galway from 1996 – 2000.

He’s worked for a few different companies in his time most notably Toucan Technology later to be bought out by PMC Sierra in 2000 whom he worked for as well. He tried his hand at starting a company in 2001 Creative Flows Media and Marketing Ltd. however it didn’t quite work out the way he expected and he took a full time job with one of his clients Blue Tree Systems in 2003. In January 2007 he decided its time and he launched Forbairt Media and left his full time job in a move shocking nobody around the world 🙂

He enjoys watching movies, helping out people with web design issues and music that makes others go “what on earth is that”.

He can be found frequenting various Boards online most notably: www.boards.ie, www.movieforums.eu and www.irishwebmasterforum.com [referal link] goes by the username forbairt on most sites that he’s a member of.

July 2007 saw him spending a month in France, why you might ask… (then again you may not) it was because July 14th 2007 saw him married in Landudec, Brittany, France to Valerie-Anne and panicking over how to say various things to his in-laws and random strangers in french.


Now back in Ireland he plans to heavily develop Forbairt Media investigate a great many things such as SEO, 3d graphics and print media.

If you feel the need to contact him he can be reached through the contact form on Forbairt Media. Alternatively you can find him on skype: forbairt