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u2 .. crabs … and stuff like that :)

So I got the chance to see U2 in concert last night and I just have to say wow 🙂 I’m wasn’t disappointed… while I did find various bits of the shows a slight anti climax in some ways (fact that for Bell X1 and The Script the stadium was pretty empty) others I found […]

Design contest on pix.ie :)

So they guys over on pix.ie are running a little design contest … Can you template better ? 🙂 If so you could be in for a warm fuzzy feeling of having your template used .. not to mention having 50 quid in your pocket Read more details here Pix.ie Design Contest to improve on […]

Whats in your list of new years resolutions ? (the NYR post)

Well I started my new years resolutions yesterday and so far so good … ish but I guess these aren’t new years resolutions but more ways to improve my life this year and if I can stick with it somewhat I’ll be happy. I may also add to this list if anyone has any other […]

Geansai Gorm

Well geansai gorm is over in just under 14 hours. I’d just like to of course say best of luck to my own entry geansai gorm. And of course wish a best of luck to my two preferred winners if it can’t be me http://www.mybluejumper.com http://www.suiomheadach.com If it can’t be me it’ll hopefully be one […]

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