Would the real James Larkin please stand up…

I have to admit I love this blog site. I’ve heavily underdeveloped it but then thats mostly been my attitude to blogging for a while now. So I give you my new blog http://www.jameslarkin.ie a site where I’m going to try and do a post or two a week at least.

Moving To Madrid .. DVDs for sale

As some of you may know I’m moving to madrid soon so I’ve got to sell some of my DVD collection Here they are .. prices I’ll have to check online (and I’d also prefer to be able to meet up next week in dublin city center for hand over) (meant to sort this out […]

amazon shipping hardware to ireland again :)

So it would look like amazon have started shipping hardware to Ireland again 🙂 GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY .. you’re going to be spending vast quantities of money buying hardware 🙂 I saw a post over on boards … then Michele pointed me at one of his posts over on his blog Amazon removes delivery restrictions […]

OSS Bar Camp V1.0 :)

So OSS Bar Camp is over and it was a huge success (at least I think so) I for my part gave a brief intro to CSS frameworks and there were even a few questions for me at the end so hopefully there was some interest in the topic though it may have been a […]

Whats in your list of new years resolutions ? (the NYR post)

Well I started my new years resolutions yesterday and so far so good … ish but I guess these aren’t new years resolutions but more ways to improve my life this year and if I can stick with it somewhat I’ll be happy. I may also add to this list if anyone has any other […]

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