How can I create a favicon with Photoshop CS3

Well I just put together the template for another site there at the weekend and all it was missing was a favicon. Now I’d installed a plugin on my windows machine but I’ve recently moved over to a Mac so I had to go searching again for a plugin to create .ico files. A bit […]

Free Icons for your website and applications

Thanks to Emmett from over at for pointing out these free icons from Everaldo Coelho that are up on Wikimedia the other day. They are called the Crystal Clear collection and they really are quite nice. They are available as 128×128 width icons so I’d guess you can scale them down to whatever suits. […]

WhatTheF*** (font .. wash your mouth out with soap)

Well at least it got your attention … but no its not what you’re thinking … I’m currently working on a transport website and have no idea what the Font they are using in their logo is … To the rescue comes … but unfortunately this time it didn’t come close. .. you enter […]