Bring out your dead .. er I mean upgrade your WordPress install to 2.8

Ok I probably shouldn’t do it so early but I decided what the hell WordPress 2.8 is out I might as well upgrade I Accept Cookies Hey presto .. upgraded a few plugins I’m using first and then overwrote the files and hey presto everything is working fine. Anyone having any issues updating ? So […]

get CrossOver free Tuesday 28th October only

Why not go on over to CodeWeavers this morning and get yourself a free copy of CodeWeavers CrossOver for Linux / Mac … Its a limited offer and you’ll have to register it today. (Also their site has been hammered pretty badly it would appear but you should still be able to get it) […]

The Chrome Press Event

I actually played with Chrome last night for about 4 minutes and thought … this is nice … I took a look at this this morning (it was linked to on Tech Crunch) There are some pretty interesting features gone in there … I like the separation of pages … the ability to create standalone […]

How to get your unread email in gmail / google apps

OK not that groundbreaking a post I know but its something that slightly annoys me … I’ve about 9000+ emails in my gmail account purely cus I’ve never needed to delete them. Recently with the amount of mails I’m getting from various forums and renews things I’ve found I’m having to go back a few […]

Camtasia Studio Free … EXTRA .. EXTRA .. Read all about it :D

Michele over at MNeylon let me know about this great offer thats going on at the moment Camtasia Studio for free … Download it here then sign up and get your free key here. In effect this post has become a post of a post of a post I do believe still those that one […]

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