1000+ free brushes for photoshop

Thanks to emmett over at soundtrack.ie for the link on twitter to http://www.noupe.com/photoshop/1000-free-high-resolution-photoshop-brush-sets.html

A reason to develop flash websites ?

So Google learns to crawl flash today … Of course my first thoughts were of flash the superhero with google crawling all over him. Why … God alone knows but I’ve been drinking red bull again today so thats probably why You can read more on googles blogspot http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/google-learns-to-crawl-flash.html If you look through the dev […]

Templating Movabletype problems…

so I’ve run into my first problem with movabletype … An error occurred publishing date-based archive ‘Monthly20070801000000’: Publish error in template ‘Entry Listing’: Error in <mt:ArchivePrevious> tag: You used an MTarchiveprevious tag without a date context set up. Its an annoying one I know when the problem is happening I just can’t seem to figure […]

the new wordpress was released yesterday …

as this site is currently running wordpress I was planning on upgrading to WordPress 2.3 Michele over on his blog had an interesting article WordPress Release Raises Privacy and Security Concerns. It makes me wonder what the hell they are playing at … but thankfully as you’ll see .. someone has made a … wp […]

offline browsing of a website…

I’ve recently done up a mockup of a website and well for content I made use of some simple php functions to create lists and so on so that my code for forms wasn’t completely bloated … Now there were about 15 or so pages and I don’t think your standard save page will copy […]

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