Children’s Festivals in Ireland

Well I tend not to promote my work that much here on my personal blog (apart from personal projects that is for the most part). But today I said what the hell. The last little while I’ve been working with a number of Children’s Festivals and groups in Ireland with the aim of launching Children’s […]

Anyone up for coworking in dublin city center

Myself and Jason Roe of coworking fame are looking into getting a shared office in Dublin. At the moment there are just the two of us looking but if you’ve any interest in getting on board feel free to let us know. As he said over on the coworking blog post the ballprice figures are […]

Whats in your list of new years resolutions ? (the NYR post)

Well I started my new years resolutions yesterday and so far so good … ish but I guess these aren’t new years resolutions but more ways to improve my life this year and if I can stick with it somewhat I’ll be happy. I may also add to this list if anyone has any other […]

Geansai Gorm

Well geansai gorm is over in just under 14 hours. I’d just like to of course say best of luck to my own entry geansai gorm. And of course wish a best of luck to my two preferred winners if it can’t be me If it can’t be me it’ll hopefully be one […]

A new blog (non Geansai Gorm though related)

So I’ve a new blog and while its not a Geansai Gorm blog as such its related in that it’ll chart somethings I’m doing in terms of SEO on there. The site is Gea… 😛 Forbairt Marketing – SEO I’ve had the domain for a while and well this week seems like the perfect time […]

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