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Posted: 16:33 July 28, 2009
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So I got the chance to see U2 in concert last night and I just have to say wow 🙂 I’m wasn’t disappointed… while I did find various bits of the shows a slight anti climax in some ways (fact that for Bell X1 and The Script the stadium was pretty empty) others I found really amazing.

Once it started to get dark the stage really came alive … getting in was a hell of a lot quicker than I expected for a gig of its size

I managed to bring my little bridge camera along (or should I save VA managed to bring it with here and there are some great shots from it as a result 🙂

Please note I’m not a big U2 fan .. I can however appreciate a great gig

Thats Headley Thats actually one of VA’s shots ( she’s gone ahead and signed up on http://pix.ie but she’s not done anything just yet http://pix.ie/mrsforbairt )

Bell X1 360 Bell X1 360 on stage P1030537 flag P1030447 inperspective

OK I know the pics aren’t formatted the best there but I’ve not touched this blog in an Age so I’m not too pushed if you want the big versions just click on them. I’m hosting them on pix.ie as I love the community on there the comments … the fact I know a load of the people

OK .. thats it for now a pretty brief post but 🙂 UUUU2222222222222222 🙂

I’ll leave you with my closing shot from the gig as everyone was going home 🙂

one final shot

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