Bring out your dead .. er I mean upgrade your WordPress install to 2.8

Ok I probably shouldn’t do it so early but I decided what the hell WordPress 2.8 is out I might as well upgrade I Accept Cookies

Hey presto .. upgraded a few plugins I’m using first and then overwrote the files and hey presto everything is working fine.

Anyone having any issues updating ?

So far so good though I’ve got to read up on whats new as I’m not really seeing anything just yet I think

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amazon shipping hardware to ireland again :)

So it would look like amazon have started shipping hardware to Ireland again 🙂

GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY .. you’re going to be spending vast quantities of money buying hardware 🙂

I saw a post over on boards … then Michele pointed me at one of his posts over on his blog

Amazon removes delivery restrictions to Ireland

I really should read more blog posts from people but these days I only seem to read what I see is linked to from twitter 🙂

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Design contest on :)

So they guys over on are running a little design contest …

Can you template

Pixie Photo Sharing

better ? 🙂

If so you could be in for a warm fuzzy feeling of having your template used .. not to mention having 50 quid in your pocket

Read more details here Design Contest to improve on bigger huger labs profile widget

(What is you might ask … well its the number 1 Irish photo sharing site and with a name that is a hell of a lot easier to remember than flickr 😛 )

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OSS Bar Camp V1.0 :)

So OSS Bar Camp is over and it was a huge success (at least I think so)

OSS Barcamp Logo

I for my part gave a brief intro to CSS frameworks and there were even a few questions for me at the end so hopefully there was some interest in the topic though it may have been a bit too web related for peoples liking I’m still unsure.

If there is any interest I’ll upload the presentation and the few demo files I went though basically how to make the layout for the OSS Barcamp website with the BluePrint CSS Framework)

Unfortunately I arrived in a few minutes late (breakfast roll and a can of red bull were required which may have delayed me a few minutes).
I therefore missed Laura‘s intro talk. Laura being one of the organisers along with Jaime. I was the one mainly responsible for the website and making it look all purty (the website guy) 🙂

I ended up attending most of Luis de Bethencourt intro talk followed this by meeting up with Will Knott going for coffee which was kindly sponsored by DIT Kevin Street. Then it was onto Jaime’s talk on GIT. Which I found pretty interesting. GIT is a version control system (one could say similar to SubVersion and CVS) which is rather quick to get up and running and seems to be a lot more “1 single developer friendly” in that you can get up and running without the need for a server. Though obviously you can set it up on a server as well. Branching seems to work nicely as well and its probably going to be something I’ll play with over the next while. (Though maybe I’ll end up going towards Bazaar which a few more people have mentioned to me)

Skipping out of the end of that talk it was down to get prepared for mine *gulps* …

I don’t do public speaking but if I did … it’d probably end up something like the one I gave. May have ended up rushing through it a bit. The last time I gave a presentation was in 1996 (a 4 or 5 customer presentation doesn’t really count) There must have been around 60 – 80 people in the room so it was quite nerve wrecking for me 🙂 Did I mention most of the morning talks were also been videoed as well. So somewhere there is probably a video of me floating around … nervous … hungover (Met up with a number of people / speakers the night before and stayed a bit too late) .. and speeding through the presentation. No one pulled me up on using powerpoint for an Open Source day 🙂 PHEW … (Impress just didn’t seem to work for me I’ve only put together a few presentations in the last 10 years and starting the presentation the day before and trying to get up to speed with Impress was a bit of overkill for me … though it’d have done what I wanted I just couldn’t figure out a few bits .. custom colours and so on)

Next presentation up was from Fintan Boyle and that I found extremely interesting. Took us through a small demo of putting together a gallery loading an XML file … giving a select box … and performing some styling. Great stuff though I’ve forgotten it all now.

Then it was onto Maciej Danielski and his intro to what they are at in Ubuntu Ireland – LoCo .. and the meetups and so on they’ve been organising.

Finally the madness started and TOG gave their presentation on setting up a hackerspace … its still in the early stages but I think their idea is pretty cool

Then it was time for lunch which I believe was again sponsored by DIT ? .. the girls went of for their lunch for the Girl Geek Day Event that was running alongside the OSS Bar Camp. Microsoft was kindly sponsoring that one 🙂

After lunch I have to admit I was torn which talk to go for given “Andrea Magnorsky – An Introduction to Monorail and the Castle Project” was of some interest to me to see what it was all about … though my only concern going to it was I’m not a .net head. Talks running along side this were Jennifer’s “Bring Out The Gimp” an introduction to using Gimp an open source image editing software (though I believe her talk was plagued by some technical difficulties with her graphics tablet and setting it all up) and “Stuart Langridge – Advanced Javascript” I got in for the end of Stuarts talk and I have to say it was excellent the bits I saw.

Next up I ended up sticking around for the PHC talk by Paul Biggar .. the majority was over my head I’d been hoping for more of a hands on type talk on speeding up php rather than the problems they face. Still it was quite interesting. After this a number of us decided it was time to get a liquid lunch so it was over to Shine with Keith and Niall from blacknight hosting.

Echo Libre one of the sponsors for the event graciously sponsored a few drinks and from then on the day progressed rather nicely with good talks with a lot of people not to mention me demoing some other open source applications that I use CMS Made Simple

All in all it was a great day. Great to meet up with people I already knew and meet some new people as well. The talks were excellent and now my only question is … Laura … when is the next one ? 🙂

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Anyone up for coworking in dublin city center

Myself and Jason Roe of coworking fame are looking into getting a shared office in Dublin.

At the moment there are just the two of us looking but if you’ve any interest in getting on board feel free to let us know.

As he said over on the coworking blog post the ballprice figures are €250 – €350 per person. There may also be hot desks depending on what we end up doing.

If you’ve any interest please let myself or Jason know :)

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

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